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yoga hikes coronavirus policy

An article explaining how we will be operating our weekends through late summer and autumn 2020

Yoga Hikes Coronavirus Health & Safety on our Weekends

Updated 30th July 2020

This is an article to explain the latest Yoga Hikes Coronavirus process and procedures that we will be implementing on our weekends.

We understand that some people may have concerns in the current environment about attending a group event.
Therefore, please be assured that we are doing our utmost to ensure that all health and safety steps are being taken on one of our weekends.  
In addition, our venues are carefully selected for their rural location and stunning scenery, which also happen to be in areas of very low population density.

In relation to the coronavirus Covid-19, our priorities will continue to remain the same. These are as follows:

1.    Guests arrive safely and are fit and healthy.  This is the most important factor in containing the virus.  If you are feeling unwell in any way, we would ask you to remain at home and let us know immediately.

2.    Everyone has a safe and healthy weekend.

3.    Everyone returns home safe and well having had an enjoyable time practising yoga and hiking in the great outdoors. You must inform Yoga Hikes immediately if you display any symptoms of the virus within 14 days of attending an event.

To this end, our first priority is to ensure everyone arrives in good health.  So if attending a weekend, please ensure you are following the Government’s health advice and guidelines as below :

·       We encourage all our guests to maintain good personal, hand and respiratory hygiene by following the NHS guidelines on the Coronavirus overview page

·       If you’ve travelled from other countries outside of the UK, please follow the travel guidance under the section:

·       If you’ve had contact with infected people, please do not attend a Yoga Hikes weekend

·       Anyone with flu-like symptoms should avoid the risk of spreading their infection, whatever that infection may be, by staying at home and recovering

·  If you live in an area where local restrictions and special measures are in place by the government and local authority, please do not attend a Yoga Hikes event.

You must inform Yoga Hikes immediately if you display any symptoms of the virus within 14 days of attending an event.

Yoga Hikes would like to reassure everyone attending our events that we are mindful of any potential risks and will be taking the following additional steps:


·       All guests to bring their own yoga mats and also a pillow case as a minimum.   Please also bring your own yoga equipment if you have any. 

·       If you do not have your own yoga equipment, we can provide a block, brick, strap, bolster, eye pillow and blanket.  The pillow case you bring, will be used to cover the bolster when in use.  Please note that our yoga equipment is not used for regular/weekly classes but are specifically for events. 

·       All yoga equipment will be cleaned/washed/aired before and after each weekend.

·       Equipment will not be swopped/exchanged. You will be provided with one set of equipment that is yours to use for the entire duration of the weekend (eye pillows will be placed inside a bag to retain the lavender scent).

·       Hand sanitiser will be provided in the yoga room and communal areas.  Please ensure you use the hand sanitiser before each class, after each class, and before each meal.

·       Tissues will be provided in the yoga room 

·       Avoiding hands-on adjustments/assists – we do normally ask your permission and use permission stones, but in the current environment, will be avoiding these and using verbal cues more.

·       Maintaining space between yoga mats :we will place markers on the floor where you can place your mat.  Please note that this will be your spot for the weekend.

·       The yoga room will be ventilated and aired as much as possible between classes

·       Entering and leaving the Yoga Room : we would encourage guests to stagger entry and exit into the yoga room and also have a face mask available in case of any pinch points.

·      In the mornings, before entering the yoga room, please wait outside for your temperature check


·       Meeting for the start of the hike : we will meet outside wherever possible but please bring a mask with you in case of any pinch points 

·       We will walk as a group but with social distancing, most of the trails we are on are broad and wide so this should not be a problem.  If there is a junction where it is not clear which way to go, the group will stop and wait.  

·       Occasionally we are able to stop in a small village where there may be an opportunity to use the public toilet or buy a coffee in which case you will be required to wear a mask if you go inside a shop.

Meal Times

·      We will be guided by each venue but generally social distancing will be observed and meals will be served to the table wherever possible.  This may involve pre-ordering or pre-selecting your meal choices in advance.

·      Please bring a mask with you to enter and leave the dining areas in case of any pinch points.


·      Hand sanitisers will be provided in communal areas but please bring your own for the hikes

·      Please bring your own face mask with you (wearing of masks during the event is not mandatory) but will be useful to have entering and leaving communal rooms and at pinch points.  

·   Temperature checks will be taken upon arrival and each morning before yoga, this it to provide extra reassurance for  everyone in the group and the organisers. If you do not make the morning yoga class, your temperature will be checked before coming into breakfast.

·   Unfortunately we will no longer to provide a selection of yoga and walking magazines in the communal areas for you to browse and read

·      Each venue will have its own policy to be Covid-safe and we would recommend you read their policy upon arrival at the venue, if we have not already sent it out in advance.

·      Social distancing will be observed wherever possible.

·      Please be aware we may have solo guests and also guests who are friends/family/couples when guests are sharing rooms, so this may be the reason that some may not appear to be following social distancing. 

Please bear in mind that the situation is changing every day and we need to ensure that we all use our common sense, be mindful of others,  and maintain a flexible approach.  

Yoga Hikes will be monitoring any changes and updates to government advice.

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