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Yoga Hikes Bank Holiday Break to Grasmere

Yoga Hikes bank holiday break in the Lake District

We were based at Grasmere Independent hostel on Broadbayne farm for our yoga hikes bank holiday break, just outside the village of Grasmere.

yoga hikes bank holiday break - Grasmere Independant hostel

As usual on a bank holiday Friday evening there were a few issues with motorway traffic jams and a few hickups on trains, but everyone arrived safe and sound on Friday without too many hassles.  Then after a briefing about the weekend and what to expect, it was off to bed to get some rest.

Yoga Hikes bank holiday break – Saturday

We started the day with our first yoga class at 7:30 in the morning.  A fairly gentle class to start the weekend and to warm up and stretch muscles ready for our day out hiking.

After breakfast we all headed out together for a gentle start through the village and then around the shore of Grasmere.  We then climbed up an easy slope to Loughrigg terrace and after another mile came to Rydal caves for a bit of fun exploring.

Rydal water hiking group

Just after the caves we then split into two groups.  The main party headed steeply uphill over Nab Scar and Heron Pike, while a second group headed more directly back to Grasmere along the coffin trail.  The route up Nab Scar is steep, but gives great views back to Ambleside and Windermere as we climb.

may bank holiday hiking nab scar

Grasmere views

We then continued along the broad grassy ridge towards Great Rigg, which was our high point for the day.

DSC00669 (2400x1350)

DSC00680 (2400x1351)

Our descent route was down to Stone Arthur and then to Grasmere.  We get more great views down to the Lake, but its a steep route down.

DSC00695 (2400x1350)

Yen had made special homemade scones with cream and jam as a reward when we got back to the hostel, so that was a great incentive to get down.

tea & scones

After, a suitable break we had two optional classes to stretch out our muscles after hiking and warm down and relax for the evening.

Later we served up a dinner of salmon with plenty of vegatables in the hostel which was very well received.  There was also an alternative dinner of mushroom risotto for those on vegan and vegetarian diets.

IMG_1525 (1024x768)

IMG_1526 (1024x768)


We started the second day of our Yoga Hikes Bank Holiday break with our first class at 7:30 again.  The class today was a bit more energetic with more flow moves and therefore a bit harder and more demanding.

Then fuelled by breakfast, plus scones and our dinner from the night before we headed out for our Sunday hike.  A short bus ride to Ambleside took us to the start and we then headed up Loughrigg Fell.

May bank holiday hiking break sunday walk

May bank holiday hiking break sunday walk to Loughrigg

Further up we reach Todd Crag, which is one of our favourite viewpoints.

todd crag viewpoint

loughrigg todd crag

Next stop is the summit of Loughrigg.  Not one of the highest in the Lakes but a summit which gives great 360 views of the higher fells.

loughrigg summit

We descend to Loughrigg terrace which gives more very spectacular views to Grasmere.

Grasmere daffodils

Our final summit of the day took us around to Red bank then up to Silver Howe, for another short break and more great views.

Silver Howe summit

A well earned dinner was waiting for us after our descent at the Travellers Rest, just 5 minutes from our hostel.


Later in the evening after we returned to the hostel we had a relaxing yoga class focusing on the breath and gentle stretching.

May Bank Holiday Hiking Weekend – Monday

The last day of our bank holiday hiking weekend we had two hiking options again.  The first was up to the summit of Helm Crag then along the ridge to Calf Crag, before descending and returning along the beautiful valley of Far Easedale.  The second option was a more gentle walk up Sour Milk Ghyll to Easedale tarn and then back down via the bottom of Far Easedale.

The day started cool, with quite a lot of wind as our group reached the summit of Helm Crag and a few brave scramblers made it all the way to top.

helm crag summit

As we made our way along the ridge to Calf Crag the weather steadily improved.

May Bank holiday hiking to Calf Crag

Till we reached the summit and the perfect lunch stop.

DSC00786 (1024x576)

DSC00789 (1024x576)

DSC00788 (1024x576)

The final descent down Far Easedale was a pleasure in the sunshine and we even found a great spot to dangle our feet and cool down.

Far Easedale hike

Far Easedale hike resting

And then stopped for final photo opportunity at the bridge at the foot of Far Easedale.

Far Easedale Bridge

It was a great Yoga Hikes Bank Holiday break with fantastic hiking, wonderful yoga, plenty of good food and with a brilliant fun group and even the weather was amazing.