Yewfield Yoga Hikes Break in the Lake District – February 2018

Our First Yoga Hikes Break of 2018 in the heart of the Lakes

Yewfield Yoga Hikes Break in the Lake District

Our Yewfield Yoga Hikes break was our first of 2018.  We had a fantastic weekend with a lovely group, in a great yoga studio and just brilliant accommodation in the heart of the Lakes.  The weather was quite challenging, as we had frequent snow falls, but the scenery looked quite magical at times.

This was one review posted on our Facebook Page just after the weekend:

“Home after my first Yoga/Hike I absolutely loved it. Kevin and Yen are so welcoming friendly and helpful. The hiking and yoga mix worked perfectly together, and the organisation of both days was great. Yewfield was an amazing location so grateful I chose it. I will definitely do another one at another location.” – Clare

Our next Yewfield Yoga Hikes break is in June and you can see full details on the break by clicking on this link.

Yewfield Yoga Hikes Break – Yoga classes

We had 5 yoga classes over the weekend starting on Friday evening, in a quite stunning yoga studio.

Yewfield Yoga Hikes Yoga studio

The setting was quite magical with snow surrounding the studio and all set out ready for our first class of the weekend.

Yewfield Yoga Hikes Yoga studio

The classes were all led by Yen and we started with a very gentle session on Friday evening to ease the group into the weekend.  Then Yen added progressively more challenging poses as the weekend went on and the group became more confident.

Yewfield Yoga Hikes Yoga studio

Yewfield Yoga Hikes Break – Meals

After yoga on Friday we had a lovely light dinner, of pasta, followed by fruit tart before bed.  The staff at Yewfield also prepared us a varied breakfast each day of cereals, home baked bread and toast, yogurt, fresh fruit salad and eggs.  There was the option of a full cooked breakfast for a supplement, which a few people took advantage of on Sunday morning.  Dinner on Saturday was a substantial and very tasty meal of frittata, new potatoes, vegetables and salad, followed by a generous helping of home-made fruit crumble and cream.  Yewfield also provided a packed lunch each day with a sandwich made from their delicious homemade bread.  All the meals at Yewfield are freshly made in-house and vegetarian.

Yewfield Yoga Hikes Break – Saturday Hike

Our hike on Saturday was 13.5 km and began with a circuit around the stunning Tarn Hows.

Yewfield Yoga Hikes Break Tarn Hows

We then followed the stream down Glen Mary past many tumbling waterfalls.

Yewfield Yoga Hikes Saturday Hike

We then followed a track around Holme Fell until we reached Hodge Close quarry for our lunch stop.  The quarry is a spectacular and dramatic viewpoint of old slate workings with steep cliffs and a very deep pool at the bottom.

Lunch was a fairly short stop as we were feeling the wintry weather, so began making our way back across lanes and fields to Tarn Hows.

Yewfield Yoga Hikes Saturday Hike Yewfield Yoga Hikes Saturday Hike

From Tarn Hows its just another 15 minute hike back to Yewfield.  Once back, we then settled down to tea, coffee and Yen’s homemade chocolate brownies in front of the fire to warm up.

Yewfield Yoga Hikes Tea & Brownies

We had a break then to relax before our second yoga class of the day at 6pm, then dinner.

Yewfield Yoga Hikes Break – Sunday

On Sunday we were again greeted with snow outside, as we prepared for our first yoga class of the day.

Yewfield Yoga Hikes - Sunday Yoga

Yewfield Yoga Hikes - Sunday Yoga Yewfield Yoga Hikes - Sunday Yoga

Sunday Hike

Our route on Sunday again took us back up to Tarn Hows and then down through woodland to the lakeshore at Coniston.

Yewfield Yoga Hikes - Sunday Hike Yewfield Yoga Hikes - Sunday Hike

We had a short walk along the Lakeshore and then a stop for coffee and snacks to enjoy the views across the water.

Yewfield Yoga Hikes - Sunday Hike Yewfield Yoga Hikes - Sunday Hike

Our return back to Yewfield took us along a scenic section of the Cumbria Way, with great views back to the Lake and the surrounding hills.

Yewfield Yoga Hikes - Sunday Hike Yewfield Yoga Hikes - Sunday Hike

Then was a quick change back into our yoga clothes for the last class of the weekend, followed by a final helping of Lemon Drizzle cake beside the fire.

Yewfield Yoga Hikes - Sunday Cake

Huge thanks to the staff at Yewfield for all their help at the weekend in keeping us warm with well stoked fires and well fed with their delicious homemade meals.

If you would like to join us just Click here for details of our next Yoga Hikes breaks in the Lake District and Spain.



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  1. Fantastic weekend! Can only say positive things about the whole time I was there! Thank you Kevin and Yen. x

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