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Navigation training in Wales

Yen has just spent the last few days in Wales honing her navigation skills with Plas Y Brenin (the national mountain training centre) in the hills and moors of Snowdonia. This is what she said about her experience:

“Luckily the weather was extremely mild and stayed reasonably dry, except for the last but one day when there were winds forecast for about 50mph which almost blew us off the ridge we were on.

Navigation is a fine art, lots of things to think about, watch out for but it is quite logical. However despite being a woman, I have discovered that I cannot count paces, look at the map and keep an eye on the time! So much for women being better at multi- tasking.

We even stayed out in the dark one day to practice night navigation, lots of trampling through the gorse and heather, getting lost, peering into the dark with head torches, but we made it back safely without getting wildly lost.

Navigation is mentally exhausting, so am glad to be back home, but it is always great to go on courses and keep up with current events. ”

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