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Last Break of the Year at Yewfield

Our last break of the year at Yewfield wasn’t supposed to be our last. However, due to the latest round of restrictions, sadly along with the whole country, we have had to close once more.

The standard of accommodation at Yewfield is always excellent, with great food and a fantastic yoga studio, so makes a perfect base for one of our weekends.

Which is fortunate as it was a pretty wild, wet, and windy weekend. Happily it wasn’t quite as wet as forecast though, so we managed to get out on the walks as planned.

The Yoga studio was kept as warm and cosy as always with a roaring fire and lovely views out to the orchard.

So after meeting and greeting our group on Friday we kicked off with a relaxing yoga session to start the weekend. Then dinner and a briefing to go over the activities planned for our weekend at Yewfield.

Saturday Yewfield Hike

On Saturday, we started out in some pretty heavy rain, which ensured the rivers and waterfalls were spectacular.

But the views were maybe not quite what they could be…

Raining at Yewfield

However, it did ease off and the remainder of our hike on Saturday, to Hodge Close and Black crag were mainly in the dry.

So as the rain dried the views improved, however, the wind also got up as we made our way to Black Crag.

Windy on our hike at Yewfield

After our hike we headed in for teas, coffees and plenty of Yen’s homemade cake. Which we had thoroughly earned after our hike.

Our Saturday at Yewfield was rounded off with our last yoga class and then dinner.

Sunday at Yewfield

Sunday started as usual with yoga, then in for a full breakfast, before starting out for todays hike.

Our hike today took us back to Tarn Hows……

….then across the fells to Coniston Water.

Sunday Hike at Yewfield

Although the skies were still pretty grey, we managed the hike mostly in the dry and the rain only returned just as we made it back at Yewfield for our final class. So after a quick change followed by yoga, we had more tea and cake and a relax with teas and coffees, before departing.

So despite the weather and the rather depressing Covid situation, we still managed an excellent weekend with a lovely group, who were determined to make the most of it.

You can see our future breaks on our website here.