FAQ ‘s

Most FAQ ‘s are answered in the yoga, hikes, accommodation and food buttons from the home page, or in the specific trip details but if you cannot find the answer, please feel free to contact us.

How difficult are the hikes?

Please refer to the hikes information on the home page and the more detailed description on each trip page.
Walks on our Yoga Hikes events are graded as moderate in the Lake District but for some of our events, we are offer a choice of a moderate hike and more strenuous hike each day.

For our Spanish Sierra Nevada trips, the hikes are shorter but more strenuous involving more ascent and descent.

Hikes are in mountainous areas and although generally low level, we do come across rocky and uneven ground and sometimes short sections of steep up and down.

Distances are usually 7 to 10 miles, but sometimes longer, so you do need to have a good level of fitness to enjoy the weekends.  See below for more detail about fitness.

How fit do I need to be?

A good level of fitness is expected.  Gym fitness is different from hiking fitness when you are on your feet for most of the day.  Even being outdoors in the fresh air can be quite tiring.   Some walking experience is preferred and the fitter you are the more enjoyable the weekend.

Our trips are aimed at those who are active and fit, preferably with some walking/hiking experience.

Typically for a weekend, we will be hiking for around 6hrs on the Saturday, and 4hrs on the Sunday.

If you are new to both yoga and hiking, then you may find the trips tiring, if you do not have a good level of general fitness.

What’s the yoga like?  I’ve never done yoga before and am really inflexible?

Please refer to the yoga information on the home page

Everyone is welcome and the yoga is suitable for all.  Often the most rewarding part of teaching yoga is to inspire those new to yoga to go away and continue with their practice.  Yoga is not all about flexibility, in fact the more inflexible you are more, the more reason to start yoga.  Yoga can improve your balance, focus, concentration and wellbeing on and off the yoga mat.

At some of our events, we do offer classes tailored to ability, and have an improver/gentler class – ideal for beginners, those returning to yoga after some time or perhaps those with a specific concern ; and also an intermediate class suitable for those with some experience.

Can I come on my own?

Yes, the majority of people come on their own.  At some venues, there are single rooms available and where the accommodation is twin share, and you come on your own, we will allocate you a room mate of the same sex.

Do I need any specialist gear/equipment?  What do I need to bring?

The bare minimum you need is a pair of comfortable walking boots.  Trainers are not suitable as they offer no grip or ankle support.

Yoga mats and props for our UK breaks are provided.  For our Spanish breaks, you can hire a mat from us at a small cost, or bring your own if you prefer.

We always issue a list of what to bring closer to the time.

I am vegan/gluten free/have special dietary requirements

We can cater for special dietary requirements if informed in advanced.  You are most welcome to bring along  extra snacks etc if you wish.  Sadly for our Spanish trips, we cannot guarantee to accommodate any special dietary requirements except vegetarians.

How do I get to the accommodation?

You can either drive yourself (if you are willing to offer a liftshare please let us know and we can inform other people) and all venues have carparking.  Otherwise it is feasible to travel by train to the Lake District and we do offer one timed group pickup from Windermere, the local train station for a small additional cost, and also drop off on departure day.  For our Spanish trips, we offer a one timed airport pickup and drop off from Malaga airport at an additional cost.

Please note that these transfers are arranged by us for your convenience.

If you wish to arrive earlier or later, you will have to arrange your own way to the venue.  If you miss the timed pickup/drop off time due to train delays/cancellations/missed connections, sadly you will also have to make your own arrangements to the venue.

Do I have to participate in all the activities?

The choice is entirely upto you!  All activities are optional but it would miss the point if you did not come to yoga or join the group hiking.  If you don’t fancy doing the whole hike, you can stay in the accommodation or explore at your own leisure or it may be possible to opt out partway depending on the location.

How much extra money will I need to budget for?

Generally our breaks and holidays are all inclusive of meals unless specified.

If you wish to have coffee or buy extra items when we are out, please allow for this.

If boat trips are included, these are extra as we do not include them just in case we don’t use the boat due to the weather.  We will let you know how much the boat trips are and will collect cash during the weekend.

Why are some of the breaks more expensive, even though they look similar?

We sometimes use hostels or more budget accommodation to make the break much more affordable.  After all, we spend relatively little time in the accommodation.  In these instances, it will be shared dormitory accommodation with shared bathroom facilities and we are very clear when this is the case and all rooms are allocated male and female.  Other breaks will have twin share rooms or single rooms usually with ensuite or private facilities and this is reflected in the price.  The quality of the yoga and hiking remains the same for all our breaks.

Some of our breaks start on Friday afternoon with yoga followed by dinner and running through to Sunday afternoon.  Others start with group activities on Saturday morning with arrivals Friday evening after work meaning you don’t have to take time off work.

Will there be wifi and mobile reception?

Mobile reception in the mountains can be poor but usually there is wifi at our accommodation.  Some networks work better than others, however it can be refreshing to be able to be forced to turn off your mobile devices!

The trip I want to come on is full.  Do you operate a waitlist?

Yes we do operate a waitlist for our events, please telephone us or email us to be placed on the waitlist.
Sometimes we do get cancellations and will contact those on the waitlist.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are here and include our Payment, Cancellation and Refund Policy and Disclaimer.


Smoking (of cigarettes/e cigarettes/vape pens) is not permitted during our yoga hikes events either inside or in a group environment.  You may smoke in outside designated areas.


Dogs are not permitted on our yoga hikes events


The minimum age is 18 years of age

Please feel free to contact us by email or call us if there is anything you need to know and cannot find the answer to.


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