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Early Spring Break at Nab Cottage in Rydal

We had an early spring break at Nab Cottage with a very lively and fun group. Sadly I was unwell (so wasn’t able to join) but we had two extremely capable and friendly guides for the weekend in Ruth Kirk on Saturday and Sandra Schmidt on Sunday. Yen took all the yoga classes and also joined the walks. There was also plenty of Yen’s homemade cake and carrot cake from Nab as well to ensure everyone stayed fully fuelled for the weekend.

Everyone was on time for our first class of the weekend on Friday at 6pm, then it was in to dinner for one of Nab Cottage’s speciality vegetarian dinners. Always excellent and always healthy and ideal for our spring break.

After tea and cake the hot tub was taken full advantage of, to relax and enjoy the views across the lake. Just the thing to enjoy the slightly warmer weather on our spring break on Saturday.

There was a lovely relaxing yoga session to follow to ease out tired muscles and to wind down after the day.

Then dinner was another treat to end the day at the cottage.

On Sunday the hike took the group around Loughrigg Fell, which sits impressively in front of the Cottage.

There was nice easy start along the lane to Ambleside, before heading steeply uphill to Lilly Tarn.

Then the group made its way to Loughrigg Tarn with a quick lunch stop and finally Loughrigg Terrace with its perfect views overlooking Grasmere.

There was a final yoga class and more tea and cake, before everyone had to say a sad goodbye.

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