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Covid Security Policies and Booking Under Covid Conditions FAQ

This was originally written on 2/12/20 when England exited lockdown 2 and returns to a revised 3-tier system and updated 23/12/2020 with Tier 4 information.

Published 02/12/2020 with tier information, updated 23/12/2020 with Tier 4 information, updated 05/03/2021 with tier information removed.

Revised 08/04/2021 with inclusion of easing of restrictions from 17th May 2021 and 21st June 2021 and how that affects Yoga Hikes

Revised 14/06/2021 as final stage easing of restrictions has been delayed, our current measures for social distancing will continue until restrictions are ended. Trips will continue to run between 21st June and 19th July 2021 with social distancing in place

Revised 20/07/2021 as restrictions are lifted, we have written a new document ‘Yoga Hikes Covid Policy after 19th July 2021’ and the link to it is here but we have included revisions/changes below so you can see how things have changed.

Revised 29/09/2021 all guests booked onto trips for the remainder of 2021 will be asked to take a lateral flow test prior to arrival, this will be subject to review for our 2022 trips, but will be in place definitely for the remainder of 2021.


This is an article to explain the latest Yoga Hikes Coronavirus process and procedures that we will be implementing on our weekends.

We understand that some people may have concerns in the current environment about attending a group event. Therefore, please be assured that we are doing our utmost to ensure that all health and safety steps are being taken on one of our weekends.   In addition, our venues are carefully selected for their rural location and stunning scenery, which also happen to be in areas of very low population density.

In relation to the coronavirus Covid-19,  the health and safety of our guests is our priority and there are various ways we can ensure this by ensuring the following :

1.   Guests arrive safely and are fit and healthy.  This is the most important factor in containing the virus. 
As of 29th September 2021, all guests booked on trips for the remainder of 2021 will be asked to take a lateral flow test prior to arrival.

3.    Everyone has a safe and healthy weekend with Covid measures in place such as wearing face coverings in indoor settings and busy public spaces, using hand sanitiser, respecting others’ personal space.

4.  In the unlikely event that you develop symptoms of corona virus during the event, you should test as soon as possible (lateral flow then arrange for a PCR test) and remain in your room. Please ensure you have a plan in place so that you are able to travel home independently either by driving yourself or have someone in your household who can come and collect you and drive you home. If you cannot do this, please be aware that you will have to self-isolate at the event venue and pay any additional costs directly to the venue.

5.    Everyone returns home safe and well having had an enjoyable time practising yoga and hiking in the great outdoors. You must inform Yoga Hikes immediately if you display any symptoms of the virus within 14 days of attending an event.

5.  Following the Government’s health advice and guidelines as below :

·       We encourage all our guests to maintain good personal, hand and respiratory hygiene by following the NHS guidelines on the Coronavirus overview page

·       If you’ve travelled from other countries outside of the UK, please follow the travel guidance under the section:

Covid Related Booking FAQs
Here are our usual terms and conditions :

We strongly recommend you take out appropriate travel insurance cover at the time of booking.  This travel insurance should cover you for all activities and cancellation and curtailment of your break or holiday.  Please note that some/older travel insurances do not cover Covid scenarios.

Guest Bookings – Where do you live?
If you live in Wales/Scotland/Northern Ireland 
Please follow the guidance applicable for your home area

If you live overseas
Please follow the guidance applicable for your country and consider the quarantine implications.

Changes to When the Balance Payment is Due?
We usually ask for this 8 weeks in advance but during these uncertain times, this will now be 6 weeks in advance

What Happens if I have to cancel as I have to self-isolate or become ill with Covid?
This is slightly more tricky and we hope that this will not happen, but if we have more than 7 days notice, we may be able to find someone to take your place, in which case we can transfer your booking and any money paid less the non-refundable deposit to another event.  Or you can transfer your current booking to a friend/relative who is able to use it.  If you cancel with less than 7 days to go, unfortunately we are unable to make a refund or transfer of your booking, and our usual terms and conditions apply and we would recommend claiming through your travel insurance.

What Happens if the event I am booked on, is cancelled 
If an event is cancelled, we will let you know as soon as possible and arrange for a full refund of any money paid or offer you the option to transfer to another event subject to availability.

Should I self-isolate before coming on a trip?
There is no need to self-isolate before coming on one of our events, but we would ask you to consider reducing any unnecessary social interaction, perhaps working from home if that’s possible and taking some steps to minimise your risk before joining.  This of course reduces the risk of you having to cancel (either testing positive or being instructed to isolate by track and trace)  and not being able to join us and also means that we can do our best to ensure our trips can be as safe as possible for everyone.

Yoga Classes

·       All guests to bring their own yoga mats and also a pillowcase as a minimum.   Please also bring your own yoga equipment if you have any. 

·       If you do not have your own yoga equipment, we can provide a block, brick, strap, bolster, eye pillow and blanket.  The pillowcase you bring, will be used to cover the bolster when in use.  Please note that our yoga equipment is not used for regular/weekly classes but are specifically for events. 

·       All yoga equipment will be cleaned/quarantined/aired after each each event

·       Equipment will not be swopped/exchanged during the event. You will be provided with one set of equipment that is yours to use for the entire duration of the weekend (eye pillows will be placed inside a bag to retain the lavender scent).

·       Hand sanitiser will be provided in the yoga room and communal areas.  Please ensure you use the hand sanitiser before each class, after each class, and before each meal.

·       Avoiding hands-on adjustments/assists 
20/07/2021 We will now be able to offer physical adjusts/assists but will ask your permission to do so.  You can indicate your consent by indicating YES or NO by using a permission stone which will also be provided. Your teacher will always ask again for permission in any case.

·       Maintaining space between yoga mats : we will place bolsters (and your yoga equipment) on the floor and you can place the top of your mat where the bolster is.  Please note that this will be your spot for the weekend.

·  Space between mats will be 2metres (centre to centre) from each other based on Yoga Alliance Professionals recommendations. If you are from the same household, your mats may be closer.
20/07/2021 Yoga mats will now be a minimum 1 metre apart (centre to centre) and placed in a staggered fashion

·       The yoga room will be ventilated and aired as much as possible between classes

·      Exit and entry door handles to the yoga room will be wiped down after each class

·       Entering and leaving the Yoga Room : please wear a mask entering and leaving the yoga room (which can be removed once settled on your yoga mat and put on again when you leave your mat). Please also stagger entry and exit to avoid overcrowding and close proximity to others.


·       Meeting for the start of the hike : we will meet outside wherever possible.

·       We will walk as a group but with social distancing, most of the trails we are on are broad and wide so this should not be a problem.  If there is a junction where it is not clear which way to go, the group will stop and wait.  

·       Occasionally we are able to stop in a small village where there may be an opportunity to use the public toilet or buy a coffee in which case you will be required to wear a mask if you go inside a shop.

Meal Times

·      We will be guided by each venue but social distancing will be observed and meals will be served to the table wherever possible.  This may involve pre-ordering or pre-selecting your meal choices in advance ; sitting in the same seat at each meal time etc

·     at meal times, you will need to wear a mask until you are seated. If you need to move (eg visit the bathroom), you will need to wear a mask until you return to eat.
20/07/2021 Most venues we are using are adopting a cautious approach and will continue to offer hand sanitiser and recommend the wearing of face masks in indoor and public settings. We will send out the venue’s policy once we have it.


·      Hand sanitisers will be provided in communal areas but please bring your own for the hikes

·      Please bring your own face mask(s) with you (wearing of masks during yoga or the hiking is not mandatory) but it is now mandatory to wear them in all public areas in our accommodation.
20/07/2021 the wearing of facemasks is now a personal choice but we would recommend the continued wearing of them in indoor and public settings

Here is the latest guidance on masks :

·   Unfortunately we will no longer provide a selection of yoga and walking magazines in the communal areas for you to browse and read, or a selection of yogi herbal tea bags.
20/07/2021 we will now be able to offer these again

·      Each venue will have its own policy to be Covid-safe and we would recommend you read their policy upon arrival at the venue, if we have not already sent it out in advance. 

·      From Thursday 24 September, all venues in England must display an NHS QR code, and collect customer data, to support NHS Test and Trace.  You should check in at the venue using the QR code
20/07/2021 this is no longer required, but we would recommend you do so

·      Social distancing will be observed wherever possible.
20/07/2021 this is no longer required but we would recommend you respect other peoples’ personal space especially in indoor and public settings

·      Please be aware we may have solo guests and also guests who are friends/family/couples when guests are sharing rooms, so this may be the reason that some may not appear to be following strict social distancing. 

·      The Rule of 6.  Please note that the rule of 6 does not apply to organised events such as ours which are held in Covid-secure venue with social distancing in place.
20/07/2021 this no longer applies

Please bear in mind that the situation is changing every day and we need to ensure that we all use our common sense, be mindful of others,  and maintain a flexible approach.  

Yoga Hikes will be monitoring any changes and updates to government advice.

Government Roadmap announced on 22/02/2021 Key Dates

17th May 2021
This is the earliest date that travel and overnight stays are permitted and indoor yoga classes can take place.

Any events between this May date and the 21st June date, will be run with social distancing in place and at covid-secure venues.

21st June 2021
This is the earliest date that social distancing and other restrictions will be lifted.
As of 14th June, this date has been delayed, and events running after this date, will observe social distancing until the final stage of the government roadmap is met.

At events after social distancing and other restrictions are no longer in place, our trips will run as close to pre-covid times as possible. However, we will still provide hand sanitiser, and still run with slightly reduced numbers at some venues. You will still need to bring your own yoga mat and pillowcase as a minimum for the yoga classes.

19th July July 2021
Most legal restrictions have been lifted with the exception of travel quarantine and self-isolation if contacted by NHS Track and Trace