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Teaching Zoom Yoga class

Charity Zoom Yoga Classes

We admit having been slow on the zoom yoga offering front, having tried many times ; two rooms for filming, you tube, recording instruments, sound, light, you name it, we had issues with it!

But as Yen has been teaching some zoom yoga classes since April and now is pretty comfortable with it, we thought that with lockdown 2, it would be the best way to offer some free yoga classes as a thank you for supporting our small business, to see some of you, although virtually, and hopefully zoom was a platform now most are familiar with.  We thought we would test out the waters with one class on Friday 13th (maybe it wasn’t the best date to start something new) November and that went really well with over 60 logging in that we were afraid that zoom might play up!  It was a great class, similar to what we might have on a Friday evening if you had just arrived for a weekend of Yoga Hikes, to move, stretch, breathe and unwind from the week.  Yen also incorporates the use of yoga props often into evening sessions and if you don’t have these, you can fashion something similar from things around the home.  We made full use of our props with some restorative/supported poses as well as some poses targeted at undoing a little bit of that zoom/working from home posture, the hips, back, chest and shoulders.  We ended our first class with legs up the wall.

zoom yoga classes

After the success of the first zoom yoga class, we were happy to offer another 4 classes over the next 2 weekends, and again had a good turnout for each.  We also offered some morning class times which involved more movement, flow, energy to create some warmth and to get ourselves ready for the day, these were timed at 9am (a very generous time considering our morning class time on a weekend is 730am or 8am).  Someone also suggested a donation system which was brilliant and we set up a ko-fi system which was an easy to use platform using paypal.  We decided all donations would go to a local charity, the Cumbria Community Foundation Covid-19 Response Fund who help those in the local community suffering hardship in these uncertain times.  

Today we have collated all the donations on Ko-Fi and have passed that onto the charity and we are pleased to announce that we have been able to raise £291.31 (see below) plus another £20 that someone donated directly to the charity, making £311.91 so an amazing way of paying it forward so more people have benefited from our yoga practice. 

Cumbria Community Foundation

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