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Helvellyn walking weekend deluge

Those of you in more southern parts of the country will possibly have missed the torrential rain we had here in the lake district over the weekend. On Saturday the rain came down in biblical quantities and refused to budge at all until later in the afternoon, and then Sunday wasnt much better either. However, […]

Malawi Expedition

I returned from Malawi on Sunday after an amazing 21 day trip. We had a few challenges along the way including a 14 hour delay at Lusaka on the way out, 4 bags which turned up 24 hours later and a few tummy upsets. But met some amazing people and had some great experiences during […]

Helvellyn and Striding edge walk

We had a fantastic day out on Helvellyn today with a small group from our Lakeland Mountain Hikes Meetup group. Weather was great and it was a really fun group who coped well and thoroughly enjoyed the fun to be had scrambling over Striding Edge.