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Great hiking in amazing locations

We aim to do a full hike each day of our breaks whatever the weather is doing.  Sometimes this means walking in the rain, but this doesn’t actually happen as often as people might think.

Each day begins with a short briefing about the hike, and our hikes are fully guided by qualified Mountain Leaders.

We always hike together as a group and this gives everyone a chance to get to know each other and chat as we walk. We usually hike directly from the doorstep and return back in time for tea/coffee and well-deserved cake.

All our weekends and breaks are based in, or close to, the mountains so you can expect some rocky, steep and maybe boggy sections.  But you can also expect amazing views, fantastic scenery and great company.

For each trip, you can find out more about the hikes by visiting the ‘Walks Info’ tab.

The walks we choose and plan on the yoga hikes weekends, generally follow along the valley floor and around the lakes, rather than getting to the higher summits, and we generally walk on good footpaths.  However the Lake District is never flat, there are always uphill sections even around the lakes and valleys.  But if the group is feeling fit and the weather is good, we do sometimes get to the top of lower or mid-level summits.

On a typical 2 night Yoga Hikes break, on the Saturday, we are usually out for a full 6hrs, and on a Sunday around 4hrs. The hikes are not fast paced or route marches, we go at a steady relaxed pace, pause for photos, take an elevenses and lunch break. It is therefore important that you have a good general level of fitness and are comfortable walking for that long over sometimes steep, or rocky ground.

We aim to take regular breaks to enjoy the fantastic views and have a snack or drinks stop.

And we always try our best to find the perfect place for a picnic stop to enjoy our packed lunch.