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Rydal Hall Group

A Socially Distanced Yoga Hikes break at Rydal Hall

This Yoga Hikes break was our first since lock down and the Covid crisis at Rydal Hall.

yoga hikes break at Rydal
View over the grounds at Rydal Hall

Rydal has always been one of our favourite venues and we were well looked after and felt extremely safe for the whole weekend. We also had a lovely group, who all got on well, despite the restrictions with social distancing. The weather was also being quite unkind with quite a few rain showers over the weekend, despite it being August! But the whole group dived in, went with the flow and had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

“…….thanks to you and Kevin for a truly wonderful weekend. You’ve got the balance nailed.” – R

“Thank you, Yen and Kevin! It was lovely to meet everyone. We enjoyed our time and hope to do more in the future.” – M

“A wonderful weekend, with wonderful people, thank you.”

“Amazing time, thank you to everyone for making it so special.” – C

“Lovely weekend with lovely people. Thnx everyone. ” – T

Staying Covid Safe

Because of Covid we had introduced a number of additional procedures to ensure everyone was safe and well throughout the weekend.

In order to run a safe break we were guided by three main principles throughout, to ensure we had a safe and well, socially distanced Yoga Hikes Break:

i) The first principle was to ensure that everyone was well and not infectious before they arrived.
So we asked that nobody join us from any area under stricter lock down or control than others. We also asked that anybody with any infection at all should go and get and tested to ensure it wasn’t Covid related. And finally anyone with any symptoms at all that might be Covid related should not attend under circumstances.

ii) The second priority was to ensure that once with us, everyone remained safe and well and would not pass any possible infection on to others.
This entailed following social distancing measures throughout, with everyone, unless a member of the same household. Temperatures were taken upon arrival at the hall, plus each morning first thing before yoga, with lots of antibacterial hand wash available. On Saturday we also used several fogger canisters to sterilise the room after our yoga class on Saturday morning.

For this Yoga Hikes break we asked everyone to bring their own yoga mats and a pillow case to cover the bolsters provided. We also put out a set blocks, bolster, blankets etc for everyone and made it clear these were for their own use and not to be shared during the weekend.
The hall had also implemented their own code for face masks, meal ordering and serving, one way systems in tight areas, room management etc.

iii) The final priority was to ensure everyone went home safely and should contact us immediately if they had any symptoms after the event.

The policy worked well and meant that everyone felt safe throughout and once we were all used to the change in policies we all relaxed and enjoyed the weekend and we had lots of positive feedback after the break.

Yoga Barn

We also had use of the barn for yoga which made a big difference to help with distancing as its such a large space and a fabulous building for yoga.

Our Yoga Hikes Break – Saturday

The weekend started with a gentle yoga class on Friday evening after arrival at 5:30. Then it was in to dinner, which we had pre-ordered earlier, so this was all served to us at our tables.

Following dinner we had a briefing to talk about the weekend and also to discuss the extra precautions due to Covid.

Saturday morning we started with our second class before heading in for breakfast. Which again was individually served, with a much greater reduction in numbers at each table.

After breakfast we headed out as normal for our day hike. We hiked around Rydal Water and up to Grasmere, where we had a break for lunch and explore. Then we headed back following the opposite side of the lakes. The weather could have been better, but we enjoyed our day out.

An extra hike around the grounds

When we returned to the hall, we offered a choice to either head in to the dry for an early shower, while those that wanted, followed us for an explore of the grounds and the river. The waterfalls in particular were really spectacular following the rain, so it made for a stunning extra walk.

Following our hike around the grounds we went in to dry out and shower and warm up (It was August!!!). Then we had our tea and cake which was set up for us in the Old Kitchen.

After a little rest we had our Saturday early evening yoga class to stretch out any aching or stiff muscles. This session is usually quite relaxed and uses the props and bolsters more to support tired bodies.

Finally it was dinner and relax before bed.

Our Yoga Hikes Break – Sunday

Sunday started in familiar fashion with yoga followed by breakfast, then out for our hike.

The weather was generally better on Sunday but we did have one annoying downpour just as we were about to enjoy our picnic lunch! The ducks were also enjoying the weather.

We wrapped up the weekend, with our final yoga class followed by more tea and cake before departure.

So despite the weather we had an excellent weekend. Everyone enjoyed the break and most important of all felt safe and went home fit, well and healthy.

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